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Pricing and Commission Information

People select artwork for all sorts of reasons. It can invoke emotion, make you feel good. Or remind you of a cherished moment. Sometimes you just simply fall in love with a piece.


A hand painted portrait of your furry family member fulfills all three of these.

Getting started

Simply fill out the contact form found below and in the Pet Portraits Gallery! I work on a first come first served basis and often have a waitlist, especially leading up to Christmas so please don't wait if you need it by a certain date. 

I will be asking for a number of things to help me capture your pets markings and personality. This is your chance to brag about your pet! An email all about them! What makes them special to you? Are they frisky, cuddly, strong and protective...? Is there a certain marking or feature I should make sure to include? Perhaps you'd like a favourite toy included. Have a look through the gallery and think about what kind of a composition you'd like. Just the face with a favourite colour in the background or in a setting such as on the grass or by the water.


Photos! Lots of photos!

Clear high resolution is the most important thing. I paint fine details and I can't paint what I can't see. Often, when photos are taken on a phone, the settings are set to a low resolution to save space and what looks good on that little screen is grainy or pixelated when I enlarge it to view as an 8"x10". So check your settings. 

Please send the photos through email at full resolution. Texting or messaging can compress the file size, again making them too small for me to use.   

Painting directly from a favourite photo is best but additional photos help me to be sure of markings and colouring. They also help me to know your pet's personality.



4" x 6"       -    $100

8" x 10"     -    $160

11" x 14"   -    $200

Add $50 for any additional pets in the same painting.


A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to start a commission with the remainder being due upon completion.

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping is not included in prices and will be determined based on location, size and delivery options.


While you own the piece, please know that copyright still belongs to the artist. This means you may not reproduce the artwork. 

I will provide a digital watermarked copy if you wish to post it or have it on your phone or other devices but this too is not for reproducing or selling.

I will be posting the image on my website and may use it for promotional material but I understand that the painting of your pet is personal and I will not make prints of the piece to sell separately without your consent.  

I do not own rights to the photos you provide and will not use them for anything except as a painting reference without your consent. 

If you are not satisfied with the painting and payment is not completed that piece may be added to my portfolio and sold to another interested buyer.


Contact for Commission

Paris, Ontario, Canada

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